No more snow under your pants!

Why do you need a snowsuit

🗸 You can fall, roll or jump in the snow with no problem. No more snow and ice in your pants!

🗸 Snowsuit keeps you warm in windy days and the hood is enough big to put in over the helmet, but there are underarms and pant's rays ventilation for warm and sunny days

🗸The waterproof membrane will keep you dry even if you decide that the perfect launch is sitting on the top of the mountain

🗸 It's super comfy to move active

🗸If your body changes with time or you just decided to get wild with cakes and stakes on vacation, a snowsuit will be the perfect companion in any of these moments

🗸 Choose our craziest prints to be the star of the day or one colored snowsuit if comfort is your biggest value.

Fabric specifications

Our Softshell has water repellent / waterproof rating: 12.000 mm = Completely waterproof against rain and can withstand many forms of pressure. Starts leaking only at very high pressure such as sitting for a long time